The MCYR16 has been cancelled


The 16th Mathematics Conference for Young Researchers (MCYR16) has been cancelled because of the coronavirous disaster. We would like to ask for your kind understanding. For more information, please visit MCYR16 website

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Hokkaido University Summer Institute: Introduction to dynamical systems


Part I:31 July, 1 August, 13:00-14:30, 14:45-16:15, Takao Namiki The main topics of the lecture are the theory and application on dynamical systems and ergodic theory, especially on symbolic dynamics. Basic notions on dynamical systems Application: time-series analysis on brain wave data Entropy, topological pressure and variational principle Application: fractal geometry and cookie-cutter map Part II: 2 August, 3 August, 13:00-14:30, 14:45-16:15, Stefano Galatolo The satistical properties of a dynamical system can be well understood by the study of the associated transfer operator (considered on a suitable function space). In the minicourse following questions will be addressed: existence of a regular invariant measure; \item Lasota Yorke inequalities and spectral gap;…

Women in Mathematics – a Panorama of Contributions

2017-07-30 Mathematics – Panorama of Contributions

Workshop: Residues, Dynamics and Hyperfunctions


Program&Abstract This workshop surrounds Summer Institute “Complex Analytic Geometry – Residures and Fixed Points” It covers several topics such as Complex dynamical systems, Cech de Rham, Cech Delbeault, Bott-Chern (-Aeppli) cohomology theories, Algebraic Analysis, Theory of Sato hyper functions, Singularity Theory, and so on. For any inquiry, please email to organizers, T. Ohmoto: N. Honda: Summer Institute: Lecturers Prof. emeritus Tatsuo Suwa (Hokkaido) Relative de Rham, relative Dolbeault cohomologies and their applications I-IV Prof. Marco Abate (Pisa) Residues, meromorphic connections and local holomorphic dynamics I-IV Workshop – Time Table Mon (July 24) 13:00-14:30 [SI] M. Abate I 14:45-16:15 [SI] T. Suwa I Thu (July 25) 08:45-10:15 [SI] M….

Research Center for Integrative Mathematics, Hokkaido University



Visitor Comments: WAKEFIELD, Max (National Science Foundation (USA) Post Doctoral Fellow)


My experience as a postdoctoral fellow at Hokkaido University Department of Mathematics has been both comfortable and stimulating. The kindness and patience of the Department’s fluent English speaking staff made the initial transition and everyday life not only easy but also exciting. For example, as a result of administrative staff efficiency, I spent my third night in Japan comfortably sleeping in my new, high quality and relatively inexpensive apartment. The research environment continues to exceed my expectations. The Department not only holds many intriguing high caliber research seminars, but it also host many international conferences (I would guess about 10 per year!). But what most contributes to a stimulating research…

Visitor Comments: FORBES, Brian (COE Research Fellow,Geometry)


The purpose of this note is to briefly describe my experiences as a postdoctoral researcher at Hokkaido University. I myself received my Ph.D. at UCLA, and it is therefore hoped that visiting students and researchers can get some feeling for what they can expect in coming to Hokkaido University. photo The first and most obvious question on most people’s minds is probably the issue of language. Is it really possible to deal with all the complications of living life in Japan, not to mention doing research, if one has no familiarity with Japanese? Fortunately, the department here is well accustomed to this, and there are English speaking staff members there…