Recruitment of a faculty position in the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University


We invite applications for the following faculty position in the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. 1. Position and the number of faculty to be hired Associate Professor, 1 2. Expected Date of Employment January 1, 2018 or later 3. Research Field Analysis or Applied Mathematics (Upon appointment, s/he will also belong to the Research Center of Mathematics for Social Creativity, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University(MSC) and support its various activities.) 4. Application materials (1) Curriculum Vitae (free format with a photo attached. Contact information which we can reach you easily is necessary) (2) List of research achievements (Specify each publication with/without peer review. If the…

International recruitment – The Integrated Science Program (ISP)


The Integrated Science Program (ISP), a new science education program for international students scheduled to start in 2017 invites qualified applicants for the following assistant professor positions: 1) Chemistry 2) Biology 3) Mathematics (details) 4) Physics Closing date for all applications is September 10, 2015

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Research Center for Integrative Mathematics, Hokkaido University



Visitor Comments: WAKEFIELD, Max (National Science Foundation (USA) Post Doctoral Fellow)


My experience as a postdoctoral fellow at Hokkaido University Department of Mathematics has been both comfortable and stimulating. The kindness and patience of the Department’s fluent English speaking staff made the initial transition and everyday life not only easy but also exciting. For example, as a result of administrative staff efficiency, I spent my third night in Japan comfortably sleeping in my new, high quality and relatively inexpensive apartment. The research environment continues to exceed my expectations. The Department not only holds many intriguing high caliber research seminars, but it also host many international conferences (I would guess about 10 per year!). But what most contributes to a stimulating research…

Visitor Comments: FORBES, Brian (COE Research Fellow,Geometry)


The purpose of this note is to briefly describe my experiences as a postdoctoral researcher at Hokkaido University. I myself received my Ph.D. at UCLA, and it is therefore hoped that visiting students and researchers can get some feeling for what they can expect in coming to Hokkaido University. photo The first and most obvious question on most people’s minds is probably the issue of language. Is it really possible to deal with all the complications of living life in Japan, not to mention doing research, if one has no familiarity with Japanese? Fortunately, the department here is well accustomed to this, and there are English speaking staff members there…