Intensive course in cooperation with Pisa University System: Hokudai Summer Institute 2015 Trial


There will be a summer school organized by Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, in cooperation with Department of Mathematics, Pisa University, Scuola Normale and Scuola Sant’Anna. This school consists of two sessions.

Session I: July 27 – August 7
This session provides lectures on mutual communication between mathematics and economics, and is designed so that motivated students of Dept. of Math, Hokkaido University can follow.
– Lectures on Mathematical and Statistical Model of Economic Growth (Pearson in charge: S. Settepanella)
[Lecturers: G. Bottazzi, F. Tamagni, A. Martinelli (Scuola Sant’Anna), M. Nishibe (Hokkaido Univ.)]
– Lectures on Differential Equations and Differential Geometry (Pearson in charge: H. Kubo)
[Lecturers: V. Georgiev, S. Galatolo (Pisa Univ.), T. Pacini (Scuola Normale)]

Session II: August 24 – September 4
This session provides an advanced topic.
– Lectures on Arrangements of Hyperplanes (Pearson in charge: M. Yoshinaga)
[Lecturers: M. Salvetti (Pisa Univ.), H. Terao, T. Akita (Hokkaido Univ.)]

More details including timetables and how to register (Master/PhD students who wish to get credits) will be announced shortly.

This event is supported by MEXT “Top Global University Project”.
*MEXT: the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology