The First China-Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Numerical Mathematics

The Second East Asia SIAM Symposium

Hokkaido University
Sapporo Convention Center

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Contributing Speakers

Li Deng (University of Kentucky)
Demonstrating the Validity of a Wildfire DDDAS
Qing Fang (Yamagata University)
Convergence of Finite Difference Methods for Poisson-Type Equations with Singular Solutions
Takayasu Matsuo (The University of Tokyo)
A conservative Galerkin Scheme for the KdV Equation
Tomohiro Sogabe (Nagoya University)
CRS: a fast algorithm based on Bi-CR for solving nonsymmetric linear systems
Takuya Tsuchiya (Ehime University)
Conformal mappings to exterior Jordan domains and their finite element approximation
Shigetoshi Yazaki (University of Miyazaki)
Numerical simulation of an area-preserving crystalline curvature flow
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