The First China-Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Numerical Mathematics

The Second East Asia SIAM Symposium

Hokkaido University
Sapporo Convention Center

Guide Map

Call for Posters.

The organizers would like to invite every registered participant to give his/her paper in the poster session to be held in the second day. No extra charge is required for the poster presentation. For those who would like to make the poster presentation, please check the box in the registration form, which will soon be downloable from the webpage.

Notice of The Best Poster Award.

The organizers plan to make honorable recognition of excellent poster presenters who are 37 years old or younger and are either Chinese, Japanese, or Korean citizen. A book coupon of 10,000 Yen value shall be awarded to the best poster presenter. The runner-up shall have one of 5,000 Yen value. One of 3,000 Yen value to the third place. They are judged mainly by the quality of the paper, but oral communication skill (in English) is also examined. Further, whether the paper is reader-friendly or not is a factor to be judged.

(The limitation of the age is assigned based on the JSPS rule: those who are eligible for Grand-in-Aid for Young Scientists, "Wakate Kenkyu", of JSPS.)