About Us

Greeting from Director

Research Center for Integrative Mathematics, Hokkaido University is established as a combined-education research facility on April 1, 2008, by a Faculty of Science and Research Institute for Electronic Science’s joint proposal based on the 21st Century COE Program “Mathematics of Nonlinear Structure via Singularity” which ended with a success and acquired high appreciation from within/outside Hokkaido University. Professors who are interested in researching mathematics and related areas are appointed jointly to both the faculty of the university and to this center. We do research activities cooperatively, transmit research achievement to the world, and seek to strengthen the partnership with research centers in/outside Japan.

In the list of the Mathematics Subject Classification which is stated by the American Mathematical Society in Mathematical Review, there are various subjects other than so-called mathematical subjects. They include: physical science, life science, computational science, information and communication, system and control theory, economics, behavioral science etc, and are recognized as subjects that we need to develop as a part of mathematics. The Department of Mathematics and mathematical related areas in the Research Institute for Electronic Science at our university act together to create an interface between mathematics and various scientific disciplines. Our 21st Century COE Program was carried out as a part of this vision, and this center is also on the same track.

In this center, we set mathematics as a common language to search and solve mathematical problems in other research fields, and act as a core of “connected knowledge” in various scientific fields. To that end, we relate various research fields within/outside our university to each other, transmit achievements of our educational researches to the world, and raise personnel with cross-disciplinary intellect, transcending boundaries of humanities and sciences. From these efforts, we aim to contribute towards finding solutions to the issues that human beings need to cope with.

Project Director : TSUDA, Ichiro