Masahiko Yoshinaga


Department of Mathematics,
Hokkaido University,
North 10, West 8, Kita-ku,
Sapporo, 060-0810,


email: yoshinaga [at]
(or: mh.yoshinaga [at]

  • I am staying in Bremen (ALTA) for one year (Aug 2016 - 20 Sep 2017).
  • We are organizing Workshop on Hyperplane Arrangements and Singularity Theory, Hokkaido University. 22-25, Mar. 2016.
  • Preprint: Euler characteristic reciprocity for chromatic and order polynomials. (with Takahiro Hasebe) arXiv:1601.00254 (5 Jan. 2016).
  • Preprint: Vanishing results for the Aomoto complex of real hyperplane arrangements via minimality. (with P. Bailet) arXiv:1512.05318 (17 Dec. 2015).
  • We are organizing Summer Conference on Hyperplane Arrangements in Sapporo (Poster) (8-12 Aug. 2016)
  • We are organizing Hokkaido-Pisa Summer School (July 27 - Sep. 9)
  • Our joint project "Geometry and combinatorics of hyperplane arrangements and related topics" with team in Pau (JSPS-MAE Sakura Program) is approved. (Sep. 2014--Aug. 2016).

  • I am working in

    Updated: 29 Sep. 2014.

    Dept of Math, Hokkaido University